Real Estate Tip – Checkup from the Neck Up

“Whenever there’s a problem, take a step back, look around 360 and say ‘what’s the solution that solves the issue?’ Once you figure out what that is now we want to put our energy into that because that’s how we’re going to see the biggest gains and the best return for the time we’re going to invest. See the opportunity, not the problem.”

This month, Chris Leader has some real talk for you. To say many real estate markets are “challenging” right now is an understatement. At the very least, they aren’t what they used to be a year or two ago. Lack of supply, higher interest rates, sellers reluctant to move, buyers feeling priced out and giving up … there are lots of external factors you could blame if your business is down. But houses are still being sold and your success depends on what you do with the circumstances you’re given. It’s time for a checkup from the neck up.

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