Real Estate Tip – Reasons for Business Planning

You don’t have time for business planning? Chris Leader gives you the reasons you should make time for it this month.

Now is the perfect time to plan your business for 2024. We know this is a part of being an entrepreneur that many real estate professionals avoid (often because they don’t know how to do it) and the most common excuse we hear is “I just don’t have time.” That’s like saying you don’t have time to be successful. For all of you who are making excuses or just putting off what you know you need to do, Chris Leader shares the many reasons for prioritizing your business planning.

A quick way to figure out how much work you need to do to reach your financial goals is by using the Agent Success App. This free tool (for Apple and Android devices and for all laptop browsers) takes your production numbers from 2023, your goal for 2024, and converts them into practical actions. Real estate is not about time, it’s about results, so focus on your leads, your appointments, your contracts, and your sales.

If you’re ready to put together a more detailed business plan then you can get 25% off the Leader’s Edge Business Planning Tool until the end of December. Available through this site’s Tools & Downloads page, just use promo code DECEMBER25 during checkout.

This video from the Leader’s Edge Virtual Training library is available for free until January 2, 2024. Get 16+ hours of real estate training videos on demand by signing up at or by becoming a Leader’s Edge Agent Coaching client at

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