Real Estate Tip – Presenting an Offer to Your Sellers

Making a call or forwarding an email attachment is not how a real estate professional presents an offer to their sellers.

You’ve got an offer. Will your sellers be happy with it? Will they be disappointed? Are there conditions they need to consider? With markets across the continent rapidly changing, now is a great time to revisit how you present offers to your sellers. It’s not as simple as calling them with a number or forwarding an email with an attachment. This is a critical time for your clients, so be prepared to help them through it.

In this month’s real estate tip from the Leader’s Edge Virtual Training library, Chris Leader takes you through the practical steps of presenting offers to make sure your sellers are informed and comfortable for the best outcome.

This video will be publicly available until July 5, 2022. You can get unlimited, 24-7 access to the entire library of training videos by signing up for Leader’s Edge VT or Leader’s Edge Coaching.

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