Holistic Goal Setting for 2022

It is time to decide where you want to take your business next year. Pursuing goals in business has ripple effect on other areas of our life. If you work too much, your relationships and health will suffer. I recommend taking a holistic approach to goal setting.

People think business planning is easy. Set an income goal, figure out how many transactions you need to close to reach that goal, and figure out what strategies you will use to close the number of transactions you need. Sounds simple if it were only that easy.

I’m sure you have heard of a SWOT Analysis. It is where you look INTERNALLY at your strengths and weaknesses as well as EXTERNALLY at opportunities and threats in the marketplace that can influence your business.

In my last blog post on Managing Uncertainty, I discussed EXTERNAL forces – the opportunities and threats in the market, especially around how inflation, rising interest rates, COVID variants, and iBuyers may impact your business in 2022. Having a contingency plan will ensure you can quickly pivot next year if you need to.

Today I turn my attention to INTERNAL forces – your individual strengths and weaknesses – that will affect your plan for 2022 . When it comes to setting goals for next year, I recommend you think about your plan as a life-business management plan rather than just a business plan. Everyone’s goals will be very personal. It may include higher production, earning more money, or living a certain lifestyle. But it is not always about having more. It is not about what fills your pockets, but what fills your soul that counts. Living an exceptional life is living to your values.

  • If you value RISK TAKING, you will feel fulfilled when you have enough adventure in your life.
  • If you value SECURITY, you will feel fulfilled when you have a steady source of income.

When it comes to setting goals for 2022, you need to see the BIG PICTURE. An increase in business can affect your health, family, relationships, and free time. If you focus all your attention on a specific goal or issue, you may not see the consequences on other areas until it is too late. That is why I want you to set goals in all areas of your life. We are after BALANCE.

Many of you have been running Mach 3 with your hair on fire this year just trying to keep up and balance feels like an impossible dream. You’ve put so much commitment and passion into work this year, that the rest of your life has suffered. You understand the value of balance, and I’m sure you have made several attempts to achieve better balance in your life, but it often seems futile because we keep getting pulled back into work.

Ultimately, balance is about making choices (saying yes to some things and no to others). If you say “yes” too many times you feel overwhelmed. Whenever you say “yes” to something, you must consider what else you are saying “no” to, because we can’t do everything.

How do you achieve balance? By setting goals in six different areas of your life and working on all areas simultaneously.




How happy are you with what you’ve achieved in your business? Do you find your career exciting and fulfilling? If not, what needs to change? What production do you want to do in 2022? Start by looking at the income you generated in 2021. Where did it come from? Are you happy with your income or do you want to make more money next year? If so, what do you need to do differently? What obstacles could get in your way? How will you pivot to overcome these challenges if they happen? If you have a contingency plan ready, you can quickly adjust your plans on the fly to safeguard yourself while other agents are left scratching their heads wondering what to do.




Many agents think business and finances are the same but they are not. Money is important, but if you focus too much on making money it comes at the expense of your health, your emotions, and your relationships and ultimately you end up rich and unhappy. Once you achieve financial freedom, you can work because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to. Financial freedom comes from paying off your debts, putting money away for retirement, and having enough left to enjoy today. How well are you managing your debts? Are you caught up on your taxes? Do you have a nest egg saved? Do you have a business line of credit set up in case the market slows down? When your finances are in order, you sleep better at night. What are your goals for debt reduction and retirement savings in 2022?




If you are not in good health, all other areas of your life will suffer. You can’t work long hours and get the most from your business if you aren’t in good health. Good health is different for everyone. Some of you want to have the body of an Adonis, while others are happy just having energy to enjoy an active lifestyle. Your picture of ideal health is personal, and it changes through different stages of your life. Are you happy with your health right now? Do you have enough energy to get through your day or are you constantly tired? What goals do you have for your health in 2022? Do you want to lose some weight, hit the gym, eat healthier, or get better sleep? Unless your goals live in your calendar, they won’t happen!




Some of you have had your best year ever in real estate but it has left you stressed and worn down. People often say they will be happy WHEN something happens…when they earn enough money, when they find the perfect partner, or when they reach a certain weight. But often the goal itself is not what makes us happy, it is the pursuit of the goal and the sense of accomplishment that makes us happy. The question I have for you is: Are you happy? If not, what needs to change? Your emotions have a big impact on your success. If we are not mentally strong, we won’t have the patience to deal with people’s problems and our business will suffer. What are you doing to stay emotionally strong? Do you set personal time on your calendar every day for yoga, meditation, praying, saying positive affirmations, or reading positive books?




If we don’t take care of the people we care about, we are destined to live a lonely life. Your relationships with your friends, family and partner are very important to your happiness. How well have you nurtured the intimate relationships in your life? Do you schedule a date night with your partner every week? Do you spend quality time with the kids? Do you see your friends often? If you don’t spend quality time with the people you love, they will find others to love. In 2022, what will you do differently to ensure you spend more quality time with the people you care about?




I don’t believe you can manage your time, but you can manage your schedule. If you want to pursue goals in all areas of your life, you will need to master your schedule. People often confuse being busy with getting results. We often get caught up doing busy work rather than focusing on our highest priorities. Pre-planning your calendar every week will ensure your priorities live in your calendar. Every Sunday, take out your calendar and time block your work activities, your personal time, time with friends, a date night with your partner, and time for the kids. If you don’t have time to fit all of your priorities on your calendar, then it is time to DELEGATE. What can you get others to do that will save you time? Hire someone to cut your lawn or snow blow your driveway. Hire a cleaning service once a week, so you can spend with the kids rather than scrubbing toilets. Hire a meal delivery service so you don’t have to think about meal planning and shopping.

Taking this holistic approach to goal setting and business planning for 2022 will ensure you are happier, healthier and wealthier.

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Chris Leader
Leader’s Edge Training upset

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