Are You Using the Right Technology?

No doubt, in these uncertain times, agents are embracing technology at a faster pace than ever before. But are you using the right technology?

Technology is changing the way we do business in amazing ways, but sometimes we spend so much time trying to implement new technology that we lose track of our real job…SALES…and sales requires you to talk to people to build relationships. Technology won’t do that for you. I want to give you a list of technologies that I believe you should be using in your business, not only during this challenging time, but even once business gets back to normal.

First I want to give you three things you should consider BEFORE you run off and adopt the next shiny tool.


Will the technology enhance your business?

Technology is simply a tool to get the job done. It cannot replace personal relationships with your clients. It is not a magic pill that will turn a mediocre agent into a top producer. Adopting technology for technology sake is a waste of time and money. Every technology you use in your business should solve a problem. How it will make your life easier? You must decide if spending time to learn and use the technology will improve your service, improve communication, enhance the client experience, or save you time in the long run. If not, don’t adopt it.


There is never a perfect solution.

No technology will do 100% of what you want it to do. Companies create software and apps to service 95% of what their clients want. The other 5% you must work around. When deciding which technology is the best fit for you, think about the pros/cons, pricing and ease of use. Settle on the one that meets MOST of your needs.


Are you using technology to avoid selling?


If your reason for adopting a new technology is to help you avoid talking to people – don’t buy it. We are in the people business. We build relationships, solve problems and help people buy or sell the largest asset they will ever own. Technology helps us improve communication, but it does not calm down a buyer who is panicking over the home inspection or the seller who is upset about a low-ball offer. Your people skills do that. Don’t try to use technology to avoid honing your sales skills. Sales skills will always trump tech.

Don’t spend all of your time trying to implement the next technology without running it through this checklist:

  • Will you commit the time to learn how to use it?
  • Will you use it consistently, even after the pandemic?
  • Is it worth the price? Is there less costly alternative?
  • Will it improve your communication with clients?
  • Will it help your track the details of your transactions?
  • Will it save you time or make you more organized?
  • If you have a team, will it help coordinate your efforts?

Here are some technologies I believe you SHOULD invest in:

  • Magic Plan App – this is a great app to use for your listings to make you stand out from the competition. It scans rooms and gives you precise measurements (no more measuring tapes). It allows you to create 3D floor plans that will impress the sellers. You can use the floor plans in your marketing materials.
  • CRM System – most companies offer an in-house CRM system, but there are dozens on the market. A CRM system is the backbone to your business to help you nurture prospects, stay in touch with past clients, track every detail of the transaction and more. Choose a CRM system that does most of what you want it to do (none are perfect) and is easy to use. Commit to it. Changing CRM systems is difficult and time consuming. When you switch systems you often lose data (like your history of emails/notes on a client). That is why doing your research and picking a system you want to stay with long-term is critical.
  • Microsoft 365 – The best software to run your business is Office 365. It gives you access to Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneDrive and more. Your company may offer the online version of Office 365 for free, but I highly advise you purchase the version you can use offline so you don’t need an internet connection to work on your files.
  • DocuSign (DotLoop or something similar) – it is an industry standard. No one should be signing paper documents anymore.
  • Facebook Page Manager App – it’s free. If you have a Facebook business page, it is easier to manage your page with this app than the regular Facebook app. It allows you to post to your business page, boost your posts, manage your Facebook ads, see your post engagement all from within the app on your phone. It saves your time and makes your life easier.
  • – This website lets you do high quality photo editing. A picture is worth a thousand dollars in real estate. Enhance your property photos, edit them and even do virtual staging at very affordable prices.
  • Mile IQ App – This app saves you from manually logging your mileage. It automatically tracks, logs and classifies your miles to maximize your tax refund and can save you thousands of dollars every year by properly tracking your business miles.
  • Mortgage Calculator App – When you are running scenarios with a buyer or seller and trying to figure out what an offer means to them, being able to calculate monthly costs is part of the selling process. Having an easy to use app on your phone that instantly calculates different payment options could make the difference for your clients in deciding what to do.
  • Scanner App (iScanner or something similar) – These apps are a great time saver. You can take photos of client documents, turn them into PDFs and save or email them as needed. You no longer need a scanner or photocopier to manage paper documents.
  • Agent Success App – This free app helps you hit your income goal for the year. You tell it how much you want to make and it tells you what you need to do every day. It holds you accountable and gives you prospecting ideas. It is like having a digital coach in your pocket. If you are serious about your business, this is the app for you!

You might be asking yourself why I didn’t suggest online lead generation as one of my top technologies. That is because online leads are a topic onto themselves that I will save for another day.

Chris Leader
Leader’s Edge Training

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